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The Leica BLK2GO PULSE is a handheld first-person laser scanner. Instantly capture what you need, when you need it, from your point of view. Using new, advanced reality capture technology, the BLK2GO PULSE delivers complete, colourised point clouds to your smartphone while you scan with no post-processing required. Used in combination with the BLK Live app, the BLK2GO PULSE fuses Leica Geosystems’ proven GrandSLAM technology with dual solid-state Time-of-Flight (ToF) LiDAR sensors to deliver a complete reality capture solution.
FARO Orbis is the all-in-one mobile laser scanner with integrated stationary scanning, powered by FARO FLASH technology. FARO Orbis is a unique mobile scanning solution created to optimize workflows and elevate productivity. Designed for construction, engineering and surveying professionals, Orbis delivers rapid speed of capture, while returning highly accurate 3D visual representations of the real world. Integrating FARO’s Flash Technology™ in Orbis allows for stationary scans in just 15 seconds and provides unrivaled detail from a mobile mapping solution.
Ultra-fast, High-performance and high-precision LiDAR sensor can run for hours, is surprisingly compact, and takes millions of measurements in any conditions.Pro3 is lightweight and easy to carry throughout the day. A simple swap of the rechargeable batteries allows for continuous scanning until the job is done. Experience LiDAR at light speed with Matterport Pro3-the ultra fast and exceptionally accurate new Pro Series 3D camera. Together with a Matterport subscription, Pro3 makes it easy to capture spaces, create digital twins, and collaborate with colleagues.
The SEAL 3D scanner has attracted widespread attention with its 0.01mm accuracy and attracted support from creators and technology enthusiasts around the world. Introducing SEAL and SEAL Lite, 3DMakerpro's next-generation consumer-grade scanners. With groundbreaking optical solutions, they set a new standard for 3D scanning and redefine the price of consumer-grade scanners!
LIX has great potential and can be a perfect tool for stylists, architects, designers and anybody who are interested in 3D printing. We also constantly have new ideas of how to ameliorate our 3D technology for a better future.
Our entry level 3D pen for users of all types. Complete with plastics, stencils, and endless creative possibilities.
Create, Draw, Doodle, Sketch, and Build like a Pro in 3D with our SCRIB3D Advanced. The SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing Pen features variable speed control, a large LCD screen to help monitor heat and ensure you have the correct settings, as well as a range of other engineering enhancements to ensure a smooth and accurate Doodling experience. The temperature of the SCRIB3D Advanced can be adjusted by fine increments so that you can vary the thickness & flow-rate of the extruded material.
New and improved, fundamentally similar to the PRO pen without the display. Features the same stepless speed control for perfect flow fine tuning but without discrete temperature adjustability (ABS/PLA swappable). SUPER 3D Pen: features stepless speed control for enhanced flow regulation, temperature adjustability for ABS or PLA and replaceable sealed nozzle design for clog free and long lasting operation.

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  • Intel Realsense
  • Leica Geosystem
  • LIX
  • MakerBot
  • Matterport
  • Mosaic
  • MYNT3D
  • Peopoly
  • Prusa 3D Printer
  • Raise3D
  • Revopoint
  • Shining 3D
  • Snapmaker
  • Trimble
  • Ultimaker