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The Trimble FX Scanner is an advanced 3D laser measurement instrument for use where fast acquisition of clean, accurate data is paramount. With a 360° x 270° field of view, average data capture rates of 216,000 points per second and compact design for easy movement, the Trimble FX system accelerates your project management. The Trimble FX scanner is a highly mobile instrument that weighs just 11 kg,allowing for easy movement on a project.
The Trimble FX scanner is an advanced 3D laser measurement instrument designed for use in industrial, shipbuilding and offshore platform environments where fast acquisitionof clean, accurate data is paramount . Witha 360° x 270° field of view and average data capture rates of 216,000 points per second, the Trimble FX system provides real advantages for your project management

The Trimble FX scanner is a highly mobile instrument that weighs just 11 kg,allowing for easy movement on a project . The included transportation case conforms to the requirements of most airlines for checked luggage, allowing you to conveniently and safely transport the Trimble FX to job locations.


Designed for performance in facilities management, cultural, forensic and other applications

Data capture rate >216,000 points per second

Clean low-noise data

Compact design


The Trimble FX Scanner allows users to measure existing conditions quickly and accurately, creating a high-resolution image. Each pixel in the image represents a 3D point in space that can be used for virtual surveying, producing as-built surveys or to create 2D and 3D CAD entities. The Trimble FX Scanner creates clean, low noise data, reducing the number of hours needed in the office to process the data. And thanks to its compact design, the Trimble FX can be moved easily and quickly from station to station, making the best use of available time.


The Trimble FX Scanner in conjunction with Trimble FX Controller software offer users extreme flexibility to create low to high resolution datasets. This allows the system to be used in a variety of project types including facilities management (facades, BIM...), cultural (heritage sites, archeology...), railways, etc., especially when environments are heavily congested.

Stationing and setup

The Trimble FX scanner can be mounted on a tripod using a 5/8” threaded connection. It can also be directly mounted as needed to other brackets, columns, decking or ceiling joists. This allows users to position the instrument in any environment to capture the required data. There is no need to level the instrument when positioning . The Trimble RealWorks software allows the user to quickly transform the data in the office to the correct location, reducing the time required in the field between station setups.

Control and Targeting

Using the Trimble RealWorks software users are able to quickly locate targets with the captured 3D scene and transform the locations to known positions. The Trimble FX scanner supports both flat targets and spheres, depending on the needs of the project. Users are able to create registration reports, showing the amount of error between stations and control, providing a full solution for the project.

Total Solution

Data from the Trimble FX scanner can be used alone or it can be combined with data from other Trimble surveying instruments such as the Trimble GX 3D Scanner and the Trimble VX Spatial Station.


The Trimble FX 3D Scanner is just one advanced component of a superior surveying and Spatial Imaging solution that lets you capture, extract and analyze spatial data. Combining the Trimble FX Scanner, and the powerful Trimble RealWorks office software, the complete system enables surveyors and geospatial professionals to generate compelling deliverables for clients.


- Trimble FX Scanner
- Tripod (Extendable)
- USB Key with FX controller software
- i5 Panasonic Tough Laptop
- MeshLab software
- All cables
- Brand new suitcase inverter generator
- 2x large laptop batteries (can run both scanner and laptop)

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