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The AMS 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer takes vibration data and analysis measurements to the next level. It features simultaneous four-channel plus phase data collection and unique peak detection capabilities for the earliest indication of bearing and gearbox degradation. In addition to delivering faster data collection for less time in the field or more machines monitored, the AMS 2140 is ergonomically designed for comfortable, single hand operation all day long. Don’t waste time collecting data that could be spent on more value-added tasks.
Time is often the critical factor in completing route-based vibration analysis. With potentially thousands of machines to analyze, it’s no small task. In addition to completing routes, the maintenance staff often performs certain advanced diagnostics, such as coherence testing, startups/coastdowns, bump tests, cross channel, and structural analysis, to determine machine health and detect developing problems.

Route-based vibration analysis performed using single-, dual-, and even some four-channel analyzers requires placing sensors on machines multiple times per bearing just to get the recommended multi-directional measurements. It’s no small task, especially with potentially thousands of machines to analyze.

Don’t waste time collecting data that could be spent on more value-added tasks.

Turn route-based vibration analysis into a faster, more efficient process that provides insights for advanced troubleshooting and problem solving. Identify the root causes of your toughest sequipment problems. 


Includes new PeakVue Plus technology for earliest and simplest indication of bearing degradation and severity.

One of the fastest vibration analyzers on the market

Ergonomically designed to make long days in the field easier

Data collection, vibration analysis, balancing and motor diagnostics in a single unit.

Monitor a broad range of machinery from variable speed equipment, complex gearboxes, high speed compressors and sleeve bearing turbo machinery.

Pre-configured analysis experts to easily test and diagnose your toughest issues.

Specs :

Hardware Specifications

Physical Dimensions

248 mm (8.8”) high, 40 mm (1.57”) deep, 226 mm (8.9”) wide

1.79 kg (3.95 lbs)

LCD Display
151 x 115 mm (6” x 4.5”) color TFT w/ LED backlight
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels. Touchscreen - XY resistive

Tactile Dome buttons, 12 tactile dome buttons with backlit keys, Electroluminescent panel illumination

Built-in Stand

Operating Temperature
-10° to 50°C (-4° to 122°F)

Long-term Storage Temperature
-20° to 35°C (-4° to 95°F) with battery1

Long-term Storage Temperature
-40° to 65°C (-40° to 150°F) without battery

Environmental Rating
Sealed enclosure, IP-65 rated

Battery and Charging

Type Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
7.2 Volts (Nominal) Protected Output
On pack LED readout
10 hours of continuous use
4 hours recharge time (Nominal)
Charging temperature 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F)

Frequency Analysis

A/D Converter
24 bits of precision

Averaging Modes
Normal, exponential, peak hold, order tracking, negative averaging,synchronous time

Cursors Spectrum
Single, Harmonic, Moving Harmonic, Sideband, and Time/Frequency for waveform

Dynamic Range
Converter has 120 dB dynamic range

Frequency Range
DC to 10 Hz minimum, DC to 80 kHz maximum

Frequency Units
Hz, CPM, Orders

Full-scale Range
Accelerometer input: 0-20 V, Volts input -20 V 20 V

Noise Floor
Typically less than 20 μV for a 400-line spectrum at 1,000 Hz maximum frequency

Number of Averages
5,000 in Route mode, 10,000 in Job mode

100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, or 12800 lines of resolution.
True Zoom provides effective resolution of up to 300,000 lines

Flat to DC for non-integrated and DC-coupled signals; optional AC coupling -3 dB at 1 Hz

Linear or Log, both X and Y

Hanning or uniform

Data Storage Capacity

Internal Memory
1 GB

External Memory
SD (Secure Digital). Virtually unlimited memory with off the shelf SDHC SD cards
up to 32 GB

Data Analysis Speed

400 line, 1000 HZ spectrum
67% overlap 6 avg/sec

1600 line, 1000 Hz spectrum
67% overlap 3 avg/sec

Input Specifications

Input Signals
A 2-milliampere, 20-volt (nominal), constant-current power supply inside the
analyzer powers sensors such as accelerometers connected to the accelerometer
channel inputs.

Full Scale Input Level
Accel Channels A, B, C, D; Volts A, B, C, D

Accelerometer Input
0-20 V
Full scale vibration level is /- 90 g’s when using a 100- mv/g accelerometer

Volts Input
-20 V to 20 V

Input Impedance
Greater than 125K ohms

Input Signal Types

Dynamic Signals
Single channel/Dual channel/Four channel

DC Signals
Single channel/Dual channel/Four channel

RPM/tach Signal
TTL pulse

Keypad Entry
Full alphanumeric capability

Four-Channel Data Collection
Simultaneous four-channels Dynamic Input Phase
Simultaneous four-channels DC Input
Simultaneous four-channel Route collection Phase
Simultaneous four-channel Display - Spectrum and Waveform
Simultaneous four-channel Transient Phase
Simultaneous four-channel ODS/Modal Phase
Simultaneous four-channel Volt/Displacement Phase
(for sleeve bearing monitoring)
Simultaneous Dual Orbits Display [accelerometer/displacement]
(for rolling element/sleeve bearing monitoring)
Simultaneous four-channel Cross Channel Phase

In-field Route Analysis Tools

Fault Frequency Overlays on Plot
Identifies source of vibration peaks

Parameter Trends
Up to 12 parameters trended over 2 years

Colored Alarms 
Shows specific parameter in alarm and percentage of alarm value

Waveform Autocorrelation
Identifies whether impacting is periodic or random

Input Sensor Types

Portable Sensors
Accelerometers, velocity probes, RPM/tachometer probes, temperature sensors,
flux coil, current clamp, pressure sensors, triaxial accelerometer, impact hammer

Installed Sensors
Any vibration or dynamic sensor with a voltage output; any DC-type signal

Input Unit Types
Vibration Signals Units Acceleration g’s
Velocity In/sec or mm/sec
Displacement Mils or microns
Other Dynamic Signals Any user-specified unit
DC Signals Any user-specified unit
Tachometer Input
RPM Range 1 to 100,000 RPM
Tach Input Level TTL input, built in conditioning for non-TTL signals, adjustable trigger level.
The tachometer input measures a once-per-rev pulse to measure RPM.
Advanced Acquisitions
PeakVue Selectable filters
Pseudo Tach Generates tach pulses for hidden shafts
Demodulation Selectable filters


2.0 Class 2 (optional) Range up to 10 m

802.11 b/g Range up to 33 m

Connecting to a PC


 USB 2.0, 100 m Ethernet.

Compatible Software
AMS: Machinery Manager v5.6 or greater.

Accuracy – all measurements taken at a temperature of 25°C

For All Dynamic Input Channels

Frequency Accuracy (crystal based

Non-Integrated Spectral Amplitude Accuracy
5% over the range of 3 Hz to 65 kHz, 0.001 - 10 Vrms input, with SST on for measurements 3-20 Hz

Single Integrated Spectral Amplitude Accuracy
5% over the range of 10 Hz-20 kHz, 3% over the range of 20 Hz- 20 kHz 

DC Accuracy
3% (5 mv) over the input range of 0.1 V to 20 V

Overall Level (W/Averaging, band limited)
5% over the range of 5 Hz - 65 kHz, 0.001 to 10 Vrms

Peak and Phase Measurements

1X Synchronous Peak Accuracy
3% over the range of 3 Hz – 1,500 Hz, 0.01 - 10.0 Vrms

1X Synchronous Phase Accuracy
5 deg over the range of 3 - 1,500 Hz [180- 90,000 RPM]

Tachometer Frequency Accuracy
0.01% ( /-0.1 rpm) over the range of 1-1,600 Hz

AMS 2140 Hazardous Area Certifications1

North America
Certified in the US and Canada to safety standards for
Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D
Class II, Division 2 Groups F, G

Certified to the ATEX standards EN 60079-0:2012 & EN 60079-11:2012
II 3 G Ex ic [ic] IIC T4 Gc -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ 50°C

Certified to the IECEx standards IEC 60079-0 Edition 6.0 (2014) & IEC 60079-11
Edition 6.0 (2011) Ex ic [ic] IIC T4 Gc -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ 50°C

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