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Galois is our next-generation, professional-grade 3D laser scanner, capable of scanning over 164,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space. Galois harmonizes image performance with accurate and efficient capture to create immersive digital experiences like no other. The laser radar technology further enhances the precision of the products. It has been tested that the measurement error of the interior area of a 100 square meter house can be controlled within 0.4%.
High precision and high resolution

The laser radar technology further enhances the precision of the products. It has been tested that the measurement error of the interior area of a 100 square meter house can be controlled within 0.4%. 

Galois also supports single fisheye lens imaging, which can produce a seamless and colorful panorama image with 134 million pixels, equivalent to a 16K image quality.

Indoor and Outdoor

Galois is ideal for data collection due to its unique laser properties. Unlike traditional methods, Galois can be used in any lighting condition, indoors or outdoors, allowing for more versatile and reliable data collection. 

Laser use ensures accurate and precise measurements, guaranteeing high-quality data collection. With Galois, your data collection needs will always be met, regardless of the lighting or environment.

High-quality products with wide applications

Support exporting high-precision Point Cloud (e57, ply), 3D Model (obj、glb、gltf、fbx), Floor plan (png), Pictures (png), Video (mp4), Panorama (jpg).

Support importing professional software such as Autodesk series, Cloud Compare, etc., making management and application easy.

Feature-rich Editing Console

Upload captured work to Realsee Console for rich editing features. The all-in-one solution integrates powerful editing functions to showcase a perfect real space.

Fit every business

Real Estate
Whether it's residential or commercial real estate, the Realsee Galois 3D LiDAR Camera can perfectly replicate real space, supplemented by powerful editing features, allowing your clients to easily grasp detailed information about the space.

The Realsee Galois 3D LiDAR Camera can be used to improve spatial information collection efficiency, simplify modeling processes, record construction progress, and compare project delivery results. It makes your construction process smoother.

The scene-based display approach enhances the appeal of products by providing consumers with an online shopping/dining experience similar to the offline one.

The Realsee Galois 3D LiDAR Camera is also perfect for replicating large outdoor spaces. It can bring your hotel or tourist attractions to life, even before your customers set foot in the venue.

Galois Specifications :

Galois 3D LiDAR Camera


RS42025(Galois M2)
RS42050(Galois P2)


Length × width × height: 
 150 × 104 × 208.5 mm


About 2.66 kg


Grey(Galois M2)
Black(Galois P2)


20 megapixel, 4/3”

Pano resolution

16000 X 8000pixel

Pano FOV

360° X 135°

Depth sensor

Lidar, 940nm, Class 1

Scanning range (radius)

0.2-25 m (@reflectance 90%)(Galois M2)
0.2-50 m (@reflectance 90%)(Galois P2)

Depth accuracy

< ± 20 mm** (@5m)

Depth FOV

360° X 155°

Depth resolution

Vertical 0.25 ° 
Horizontal 0.8 ° (Fast Mode)/0.2 ° (Slow Mode)


Quad-core Cortex-A53 
dual-core Cortex-A72


4GB LPDDR3 memory, 16GB eMMC storage

Operating temperature

0℃ to 40℃ (32℉ to 104℉)

Storage temperature

-10℃ to 50℃ (-14℉ to 122℉)

Battery life

About 8 hours

Charging input

20V⎓1.9A 38W

Full charge time

About 3.5 hours

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